What is Plastiform™?

Plastiform™ is a concrete forming system used for sidewalks, driveways or other slab or paving work where forming requirements are from 3.5-inch to 48-inch high. Three parts include form-boards, end connectors (to interconnect forms) and camlock clamps (to clamp to stakes)

Form Board Sizes – 3.5 inch, 4-inch, 6-inch, and 12-Inch
Form Board Lengths –12-foot long and 14-foot long

What can be used instead of Plastiform™?

For straight work – Wood or steel forms.
For radius work – Plywood, masonite or thin-walled lumber (bender-board)

Why is Plastiform™ better?
Main reasons – Labor savings, reusability and radius work
Labor savings – Quicker to set up and take down (vs wood) due to no nailing or unnailing, can often be pulled same day (in warm areas), easy to clean (some silicon in base material). Also light weight (1/3 weight of lumber, 1/10 weight of steel) so much easier on crews and vehicles.

Reusability – Wood can often only be used 3 or 4 times before it becomes too warped or twisted but Plastiform™ can be used for years. Some users have had the same forms for 10 or more years.

Radius work – Plastiform™ is especially good for radius work as it can be free-formed to fit any curve up to a minimum 3-foot bend radius for 4-inch or 6-inch forms. The 12-inch can be set to a 4-foot minimum bend radius.

What is Plastiform™ made from?

The forms and end connectors are high-density polyethelene (poly ETHEL een or HDPE) with silicon added for easy cleaning and ultra violet (UV) inhibitors added so the sun does not break them down and make them brittle (like pvc pipe gets if left in sun). Storing outside is okay.

The clamps are nylon-fiberglass material similar to that used in some Corvette leaf springs or M-16 rifles. We replace all clamps broken within 1 year.

Can Plastiform™ be used for radius work? Are there different forms for straight work?

Radius work is where Plastiform™ really shines. Whether you are doing stamped or decorative concrete work or laying curved pathways or golf cart paths, Plastiform™ is excellent for free-forming radius work.

The forms can be used for both straight work and radius work. In real hot areas, where temperature is over 95 degrees, you will have to stake closer to keep them straight or you can add stiffeners to space out the staking.

What kind of stiffeners can you use and how do you use them?

Pvc pipe (3/4 inch), conduit, ripped wood, rebar, or steel tubing can be used. Anything that fits in the area between the stiffening ribs inside each of the forms. We do not sell stiffeners as they can be purchased locally for less than we can sell and ship them for (due to weight).

Do we recommend form oil? What kind?

Yes we do recommend some type of form oil or release agent be used to make for easy cleaning. Any kind of form oil that is used with wood or steel can be used with Plastiform™.

How do you keep from having a sharp point where the forms meet in a radius?

By either putting stakes right in the area or by inserting long sections of pvc pipe (1/2 inch), two in each form which allow the forms to bend smoothly where they connect. You can also smooth out curves with masonite by leaving a gap.

How do the All-Angle Corner Pieces work?

Corner pieces can be used to form inside or outside corners and everything in-between with 270 degrees of swing. They can be cut using a radial arm saw by making (2) 45 degree cuts just to the edge of (but not in to) the form wall and placing on a flat surface to bend back and forth to form a plastic hinge (like on a video case)

What is recommended stake spacing?

2.5 to 3 feet depending on how hot it is and whether or not you use stiffeners. Stiffeners allow stakes to be spaced every 3.5 to 4 feet.

How many clamps should I buy?

We recommend purchasing 5 clamps for every 12-foot long form boars and 6 for each 14-foot long form board.