img4webreadySince 1995, The Plastiform Company has manufactured and sold only one product – reusable plastic concrete forms for flatwork and slabs. The concrete forms are used daily by hundreds of contractors and government crews throughout the world.
Simple Design – One type of clamp and one type of connector for all boards

Main benefits – Labor savings, reusability and radius work


DSC02533Labor savings – Quicker to set up and take down (vs wood) due to no nailing or unnailing, can often be pulled same day (in warm areas), easy to clean (some silicon in base material). Also light weight (1/3 weight of lumber, 1/10 weight of steel) so much easier on crews and vehicles.

Reusability – Wood can often only be used 3 or 4 times before it becomes too warped or twisted but Plastiform™ can be used for years. Some users have had the same forms for 10 or more years.

Radius work – Plastiform™ is especially good for radius work as it can be free-formed to any fit any curve up to a minimum 3-foot bend radius for 4-inch or 6-inch forms. The 12-inch can be set to a 4-foot minimum bend radius.
Other benefits users appreciate include plastic’s light weight and smooth surface that is easy to clean.

1231231Old Style vs New Style – In 2007, we changed our clamp and end connector as a design improvement.  New style clamps are on the left.